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About me:

Born in Clermont-Ferrand in 1991. By the way Auvergne is a very beautifull region from France.

Initially I became an agronomic engineer at the INP-ENSAT In Toulouse where, among many other things I have studied mathematics, informatics and also genetics. I did a M.Sc in parallel cursus at AgroCampus-Ouest in Rennes to study molecular sciences focused on human health (Genetics, Infectiology, Oncology).

I have experimented wet and in silico lab works during my internships and finally decided to focus on bioinformatics - with still strong link with experimental biology biology - through collaborations.

Since late 2015, I am a PhD candidate in Lyon at ViroScan3D and in Branka Horvat Team at CIRI. I also work closely with Marc Bailly-bechet.

My research focus on finding relationships between evolutionary signature and phenotype. During my PhD I spent time to develop a workflow for genome-wide lineage specific positive selection analysis in a first time and then developping methods to infer among seleted genes relationships with a phenotype of interest based on functional networks analysis.

- In simple words - I am scanning informations available in genomes of different organisms to find something specific to a group of very interesting species. And they are interesting because they possess a very unique phenotype (example flight in bats if compared to all other mammals, or echolocation for bats and dolphins). And in a second time, I am trying to find why and how this specificity is related to the phenotype of interest.

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